A range of 7 fantastic shake and vape flavours, with full transparency over the ingredients used.
Your Kemistry lesson starts here...

Good Kemistry

All of our delectable flavours are fully Trading Standards tested and free from molecules of concern. Our liquid is produced using only the highest quality ingredients and developed on a molecular level to create a great vape sensation.

The range is bottled in 60ml unicorn bottles, filled to 50ml with flavour and base. These ‘E-DIY’ flavours just need a little diluent or a nic shot added and they are ready to vape and enjoy!

The lesson begins

  1. Choose your favourite flavour.
  2. Know what’s in it.
  3. Shake it.
  4. Vape it.

All mixes are 80 Vegetable glycerine/ 20 Propelyne Glycol, to give you the smoothest vape experience and lots of clouds.